Larry Nostrant, Owner and Fishing Guide  
Larry has worked as a seasonal guide since the late 1960's.  He has been actively involved in the fishing industry as a fisheries technologist, commercial fisherman and sport fisherman.  He is a US Coast Guard trained boat skipper with over 10,000 hours experience in fishing vessels, towboats and cruising yachts.  He also has more than 10 years EMT experience, adding another level of personal safety to your vacation.
Vickie Nostrant, Land Activities Guide
Vickie is a very experienced trekker and adventurer.  She has logged trekking trips from Alaska to Peru and the Central Rocky Mountains to Kauai'i, Hawaii's famed Napoli Valley.  Her hallmark trek was a 7 day hike to Machu Pichu in the Peruvian Andes on her 55th birthday.  Vickie is a emergency certified Registered Nurse and past RN Paramedic.  In this role, she handles our life safety review and safety planning.
VIC & LAS excursions  are the result of over 20 years of travel and adventure vacationing by your hosts.  By necessity, Vickie and I vacationed in the winter months.  We sought out warm and unique places to visit, fish, and learn about the local flora, fauna and history.  Many friends and family accompanied us over the years, and raved about our vacations.  Now, we offer you our personalized touch to vacationing in Idaho, Costa Rica, Panama and Hawaii.

Your vacation with VIC & LAS is not a traditional "tour book" excursion.  We have created a cafeteria style format that is designed to introduce you to the country, its people and environment with a flexible schedule and relaxed atmosphere.  Our touring excursions are always customized to meet your desires and physical ability.
We have selected sightseeing venues that are beautiful, unique and reasonably accessible so that you can observe both the ordinary and unusual characteristics of the areas we visit.  Photo and video opportunities abound and we allow ample time at every site to insure that your vacation memories are recorded.

Over the many years we have been visiting Costa Rica, Hawaii and Panama we have tried out many air carriers, driving companies, boats and boat crews.  Since the late 1990's we have limited these associates to a very short list of the most friendly, knowledgeable and safest personnel and equipment.
Our selected air carrier is US Airways and local air travel is provided by Sansa, TACA, or Island Airways.
Local ground transport is provided by commercially licensed limo drivers in modern, air-conditioned Tourismo vans.

We provide accommodations in premium quality hotels and condominiums that provide facilities similar to mid-priced facilities in the continental US.  Hotels in the cities offer gated entrances with security staff, in-room safes and English speaking front desk staff.  The boats we use are US manufactured sportfishing vessels with the very best in tackle and gear.  All are regularly inspected by the local coast guard and impeccably maintained.  All Skippers, deckhands and boat crew are fully trained and licensed in their country of operation.  It is important to note that the Costa Rican and Panamanian licensing requirements for captains and crew is exactly the same as the US, however, there are apprenticeship requirements that mean that the typical captain has more operating hours than even your guide. 
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